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First…WHAT IS A P.E.C.?

A Professional Electrical Contractor (P.E.C.) is a Certified (CME) or Registered (RME) Master Electrician in the Province of Alberta taking out electrical permits on behalf of a person/firm engaged in electrical contracting and who has successfully completed the course work and examinations required by the professional education program and maintains this through annual professional development and industry related training.

Why become a P.E.C.?

The sole purpose of the program is to provide the technically trained master electrician with an opportunity to gain a custom-designed education to make him/her a better informed electrical contractor and, therefore, a more esteemed member of the electrical industry and of the public at large. The Professional Electrical contractor may, because of this program, find a much readier acceptance of his-her services and a much wider share of the market both at home and abroad.

The title Professional Electrical Contractor stands for professionalism not only in the minds of the members of the Association, but more importantly, in the minds of customers and the general public.


All Alberta Master Electricians who take out permits for person/firms are eligible to apply for this program whether they are members of the ECAA or not. Application to the Registration Committee together with the registration fee is required.

STEP 1. Sign up as a PEC Student Member

Before you become a designated PEC, you will begin this process by becoming a student. This designation will give you access to the courses and allow you to begin the journey of becoming a PEC.

Click HERE to download the Student PEC Form.

STEP 2. Sign up for Courses

By completing the 6 core courses you will not only earn your PEC designation, you will learn the necessary tools to handle any future project with confidence, or to better prepare you for your entrepreneurial journey. These core courses include – Accounting Principles; Assessing & Finalizing the Tender; Business & Public Relations; Electrical Project Management; Legal Implications and Safety Principles.   A complete outline of each course is located HERE. Upon completion of the required courses, you will be eligible to apply for your PEC designation.

See the complete list of courses HERE.

STEP 3. Apply for your PEC Designation

Once you have completed the required courses, you can now apply for your designation.  You will start by filling out the application form and submit it to the Office of the Registrar. Once we have received your application and all required documents, your approval process will begin. Your application will be reviewed by the PEC Registration Committee and submitted for approval by the ECAA Provincial Board of Directors.

As a new PEC you have the opportunity to build on your professional status through networking, continuing education and involvement in the professional electrical community. Keep your finger on the pulse of the electrical industry and be connected by starting your PEC journey today.

Download the Application form HERE.

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