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The Professional Electrical Contractor, as a regulated tradesperson, is committed to providing a higher standard for safe electrical services through professional accountability and continuing education.

What is a PEC?

A PEC (Professional Electrical Contractor) exceeds the Master Electrician designation. We hold our members to a higher standard of quality and accountability.

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What are the benefits of hiring a PEC?

As a consumer who hires an electrician, it is important that you have a credible and reputable professional managing the electrical component of your project. You need an electrical contractor that is accountable and takes pride in their work. You as a consumer have a voice. By hiring a PEC you have the support of a professional association that regulates PEC’s. The Electrical Contractors Association of Alberta (ECAA) will engage a review committee if a PEC’s conduct is ever called into question.

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What’s the difference between a
PEC & Electrician?

A PEC is:

Master Electrician who agrees to uphold ethical standards

Has completed a series of approved business courses

Commits to continuing education and code upgrading

Accountable to its peers and subject to disciplinary action under PEC & Master Electrician Regulation

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*Obtained from Safety Codes Council

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